High Range Water Reducing Concrete Super Plasticizer. A highly effective liquid sulphonated polycondensation product based on melamine for cement and calcium sulphate based materials for the production of free flowing concrete in hot weather and as a substantial water reducing agent for achieving high ultimate strength i.e. high initial and final compressive strengths. MMT has been primarily developed for applications in concrete industries where the highest durability and performance is required. MMT is compatible with all Portland cements that meet recognized international standards.

  • Self-leveling underlayments (SLU)
  • Cementitious floor screeds
  • Repair mortars
  • Non-shrink grouts
  • Cementitious self leveling floor screeds
  • Tile adhesives and joint fillers
  • reflective paver/tile manufacturing
  • Floor slabs, prestressed concrete girders
  • Beams, Columns & foundations etc.
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